Love Notes


I started a project a year-ish ago.

I was in ashes.

I wanted, needed, to reach out to someone. but I didn't know how to do that without making them uncomfortable. without being intrusive. without putting expectations on them to be tough, or to comfort me.

so I bought a giant stack of blank white cards and started lettering things on them and sending them.

one night at 3am after another newborn feeding, I couldn't fall back asleep. and I had this idea come to me....

if I feel this way, someone else probably does too.

what if I could send anonymous cards, love notes, to strangers who need them?


that person you've been thinking of.
the one that needs to be told their loved.
that needs to know they're not alone.

all I need is a name + address!

I will anonymously send them a love note.
(its free)

you don't have to have me do it though. imagine what a simple "i don't know exactly what you're going though, but i'm here" would do with your name on the bottom?

a lot.

simple gestures of love and connection will go a long way.


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