Friday, March 24, 2017


since my last post here, there have been some big changes to "Courtney Casper Letters".. but not with me, Courtney.

I got myself a fancy new website that integrates all of my stuff (all of me) into ONE PLACE.

you can shop all things that are on my etsy site, you can join my newsletter, you can try out one of my NEW ECOURSES, you can read my BLOG, you can even SUBMIT SOMEONE FOR A LOVE NOTE. (or learn what that's all about.)

here's the deal. I am overwhelmed. I am just, totally humbled to have so much love and support. I hope that I return that to you in some way. it's kind of one of my life goals. to return the love right back to you, individually. somehow.

thank you. and...

you are loved. :)

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