Lets Talk Letters: K

Saturday, February 4, 2017

I want to start a little thing here, where we talk letters. individual letters.

because I love letters.

and if you're here you either love letters too, or you want to love letters. in this case the letter K.

before I start I have to remind you of something super important. it's the number one thing that will change your lettering game. but its also a little tough love from me to you. ready?

you have to let yourself have some wiggle room. wiggle room to not have it "perfect" today. or next week. or month.

If you're looking for the perfect letter K, or any letter for that matter, you won't find it. but you will find discouragement and frustration searching for it. I know that, because I have been there. ..

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...way back when my mom asked me to make her a logo. KB Designs. K and B. my two most hated letters because they were never perfect. or done enough. or like "theirs".

I probably wrote those two letters a thousand times. and I walked away many nights at 2 am frustrated. and resigned to the fact that I would just never like them or be able to make them look right.

and then she told me she needed it in ten minutes. she needed the thing done. file created. in her inbox.

so, in five minutes I threw down a KB and digitized it and sent it. I didn't stare at it for hours. I didn't recreate it over and over. I didn't compare it to others work. I just drew it, stood back far enough so I couldn't see every "imperfect" thing about it, and moved on.

she loved it. but shes my mom, so she's 100% biased.

but. guess what.

I  loved it too.

the only thing that I can think of is that I didn't judge it so harshly. I didn't compare it to others. I didn't overthink it. I had a little faith in myself. in my art.

I hate to do this, but I can't help it.
because I am feeling like this in so many aspects of my life right now it's crazy.
in my motherhood for one.
and my business. another major one.
in my lettering. that's always there.
in my relationships.
in my faith. also always there.

we are our own worst critics. worst critics. we are ruthless! we over analyze, assume the worst, compare, judge, and get frustrated, disappointed, and if you're like me end up binge eating anything that contains sugar.

I hate it.

i'm vowing today, for today, to not do that.
to not let any voice in my head decide anything about who I am, or what i'm capable of.

and you should too.


as you head over to my first ever Mini Course Lets Talk Letters: K-

remember! we're artists. and uncovering that art is in the messy middles. its in the process.

leave in the comments what letter you want to talk about next!

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