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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

If you missed the latest "tutorial" in the Tuesday email, it's not too late! I am going to send it out again tomorrow morning to all my new email friends. :) You can go to the sidebar to join!

Here's a quick recap:

lettering pens.

they're not cheap! and if you're like me, they keep showing up with the ups guy. ;)

last weekend, I had had enough. I saw an idea online (ps if anyone one here is a pinterest expert, I need help. i don't have a pinterst. yes. you heard me correctly. i need a pinterest 101 crash course! email me!) and i convinced by husband to help me make it.

he jokingly called it the "pen holder 2000" on camera, and it's stuck. ha ha.

materials needed:

a stick of PVC or ABS pipe- i'm not sure the difference, i just wanted the black one, and pvc was white. you could do white and spray paint it! or just keep it as is. (if you're inpatient like me and cant wait for glue to dry let alone paint) So. Go to lowes or home depot and walk to the plumbing section, there will be 10ft long sticks of pipe (it fit in my mini van!) get a big cart and ask a nice worker for some help lifting. :) ps we used almost all 10 ft.

ABS Cement- which is a little metal bottle and it's more like liquid glue. it is very strong smelling so do it outside somewhere (or the garage like us). and DO NOT GET IT ON ANYTHING. I've tried to wash it out of tylers jeans before. not happening. it melts the plastic. pretty cool.

Saw- an electric saw is recommended, but i'm a determined girl and I've been known to use a hammer and nails to get a job done. ha ha true story. if i could insert a laughing crying emoji here, i would. so. i suppose any old saw would work! might be hard, but it's probably doable.

Sander- again. electric would be the best option, but i don't see why you couldn't use a piece of sand paper and some willpower :)


1. Measure how long you want each stick. i just held up my longest pencil and used that as a guide.

2. cut the stick of PVC or ABS pipe to desired lengths. and you can choose how many you want. i did three on bottom, four in the middle and three on top.

3. sand the rough edges of each pipe. (they will be rough from cutting)

4. put pipes somewhere where you can keep them from moving. tyler put them on a piece of scrap wood and put a screw in at both ends to keep them still.

5. drip the cement (glue) into the creases between each pipe. "you can't put too much"-tyler The glue/cement will actually melt the plastic together!

6. build your rows separately.

7. assemble. start with your base layer, apply glue wherever the two layers will touch! stack them up. glue. stack. glue. you get the idea :)

8. resist the urge to bring it in right away. the glue only takes 15 minutes to dry, and if you can hold out 15 minutes your house wont smell like liquid plastic cement. lol (i know from experience..)

then bring her in and start organizing! i had fun digging out all my brush pens, nibs, pencils, sharpies, paint brushes, gel pens, and all the others and displaying them for.... i guess just me to admire. :)

i was feeling blah about lettering. i needed a break. i needed some other way to create. to use my hands.

if you're feeling "stuck" or uninspired, step away! try something else. crochet. cross stitch. run. build something. clean something. yoga. paint your nails. read your baby a book. try a new recipe.

those are my go-to's to getting out of a creative rut. writers talk about their blocks all the time! we can have letter blocks too.

this project shook me up enough to get back in my groove. back to creating art. back to me. :)

i'll resend the video link tomorrow morning for any new email friends that may have missed it!

happy lettering.

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  1. What a great idea this is! I think something like this would work well for my kids arts and crafts supplies. They have so many markers, colored pencils and more. Right now they're all in a plastic tub, so you have to dig through to find a certain color you want. This would make their supplies so much more organized!

    Verna Hopkins @ Promosaurus Promotional Products


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