Monday, January 30, 2017

something that I wish someone would've told me when I first started lettering was to stick with what you love.

I feel like there is this pressure to use what "they're" using, or to create something like "that" using "those pens". I did that. I bought all sorts of crazy colorful brush pens. I tried them out. which is good, because it gave me confidence in my style. and it solidified what I loved.

so. there are lots of great brush pens, techniques, colors, styles of lettering out there, brushy bristled brushes are some of my favorites.

these three are (from left to right)
Bimoji Bristled Brush Pen, Pentel Fude Medium, Pentel Aquash Fine.

the Aquash is my favorite.
the Bimoji is my second favorite.
and the Pentel is my third favorite.

These three will give you that brushy look that you see me use a lot.
it isn't for everyone.. but is definitely for me.

Whats your favorite brush pen?! I know the Tombow Dual Tipped pens are popular. or what about a sharpie stained ?! (big difference than the sharpie brush pens )

whatever your jam, my advice to you is:
try a bunch of pens, styles, and techniques. and find what feels like you, feels comfortable, inspires you and you will start finding art in your letters and words.


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