Sunday, December 11, 2016

there is something that I ask my heart every time I step up to the plate with this thing.

why am I here, and what am I here to offer?

offer you.

and some days, all I can offer is a few words of "i'm in the thick of it, too. hang in there."
some days words come out of me that i needed to hear.
some days i have the words just right and the little Instagram square is a little piece of my heart and soul.

i'm going to show up, and offer myself to whoever shows up to receive that. i am not going to look at numbers or statistics. instead... my questions.

why am i here, and what am i supposed to offer?

because the answer to those questions, they are my art, right now.
they are how i glorify God right where i am standing.

are you creating art, wherever you are right now?


i think that we sometimes think that the only art that can be created is that of beautiful paintings, music, lettering, poetry, or dance. something tangible or purchasable. something that can be put on display, or replayed over and over again. something that has followers or clientele. something pretty and perfectly done. a beautiful package wrapped in a craft paper box with a big red bow.

i don't buy it.
and i'm not biased.
it's the truth.

and here's why.

i mean that in every real sense of the word art.
you were created in the image of God.
God is an artist.

you are His art.
and you were made to create art.

so, ask youself the question.
why are you "here"?
and what are you here to offer?

offering yourself is one of the most powerful forms of art there is.
open your mind to what "art" can mean for you specifically.

can you create art in your relationships?
your friendships?
your career?
your mothering?
how you treat the checker at the grocery store?
in your lettering?
in your interactions with a stranger?
through your personal worship?
as a volunteer?
in your sickness?
in your health?
in your weakness?
in your strength?

is there a right and wrong to creating, or even, being, art?
don't you think, that if you take one tiny step toward creating and becoming what God intends for you, that He will be there?
Christ makes weak things strong.
He makes miracles in our lives and in our hearts.

i know this, because i was lost. and i found art.
i found it in letters.
i found it in my marriage.
i found it in my motherhood.
i found it in the way i am a friend.
and sister.
and daughter.
i found it teaching 5 year olds about Jesus.
i found it at the post office, and the lady behind the counter. (love her)
i found art in my heart.

and you can to.
and when you do you will see miracles. because that's what Christ has and will always do. He will make amazing things happen when you generously give of yourself, wherever you are standing, even right this second.


  1. New perspective. It's been a curse....and it's been a blessing. Only He can do that❤️ Love you my girl! Mom

  2. Wow! I absolutely love the words you have written. Beautifully said and so inspiring. I love the perspective of creating art in all the things we do. Thank you for your words 😊


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