Sunday, December 4, 2016

the most commonly asked question I get asked is:

what pen is that? & what are you using with it?

lets talk inks for a second.

 my go-to is India ink. I've tried all sorts of brands from very expensive to super cheap. I can't tell a huge difference between them, so my suggestion would be to start cheap, and work your way up as you get more serious.
 second most asked question?
what paper do you use?

answer: watercolor paper, printer paper, cardstock.
simple. :)

how do I use this thing?

its a tricky brush to master. so, don't beat yourself up over it.
I am a dipper.

I fill my barrel with water, and then I dip my brush into the ink.
I like having creative control over how much ink to water ration i'm using and I am not a good brush washer, so not filling it with ink helps my brushes to last longer.

I wish there was a magic app or brush or ink or paper or filter to give you instant results with this brush and lettering in general.. but there just isn't.

there IS however one thing that i'm confident will without a doubt improve your lettering, i'm sure you've never heard this one before:

Lettering has taught me that, just like with anything in life, practicing is the only way to get better. yes, I can apply this to
my marriage.
my parenting.
my faith.
& every aspect of my life.

and the universal thing that steals any and all joy that comes from the process and progress in all aspects of life?


we are all starting somewhere & your right now is the perfect place to start!
there really is joy and accomplishment and inspiration in between the lines of lettering and everything else in life...
finding it can be tricky.
holding on to it can be even harder than finding it.

don't let anyone, or anything take away from your progress or process.
not in lettering.
not in life.

life is just too short.


pentel aquabrush. (available in my shop)
india ink.

and leaning into the process--soaking it up.
and seeing what happens.

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